What we do

We offer a complete service in marketing and advertising, ranging from strategy set-up to production. We will design and create an advertising campaign, website, any printed and promotional materials, company videos, etc. We will compile a database of potential clients or organize an event for you.

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On-line marketing

Online marketing or internet marketing is at this moment a very powerful marketing tool. It covers a wide range of areas from websites, online advertising, sales promotion on the internet, to online direct marketing and online public relations. The advantage of online marketing tools is the speed of feedback and thereby increase in efficiency, planning, and implementation of other potential campaigns.

In the field of online marketing, we offer the following activities:

  • website creation
  • search marketing, contextual advertisement,
  • emailing, newsletters, banners,
  • social media strategy and presentation

Corporate identity

Brand positioning is the number one priority that not everyone realizes. We work with our clients to ensure both brand stability and growth. Building brand loyalty is a long term process. Having a strong understanding of the brand when promoting a product or service is crucial for the overall marketing communication.

Unified communication towards customers, target groups in general, is very important for the whole marketing concept. This helps in understanding the brand and its importance, and of course this influences the behavior of customer.

In this field, we offer the following activities:

  • logo design, corporate prints and logo manual and .ppt presentations,
  • graphic design and production of mercantile prints,
  • graphic design and production of advertising materials.

Direct mailing

Targeted advertising can be effective if it meets the basic criteria of success, such as correctly defined objectives of the campaign, target groups, the database of the appropriate quality and also creative way of addressing the customers. Even in today's internet world well-prepared direct mail can be very successful advertising carrier and thereby still holds an important place in the overall marketing mix.

In the field of direct mailing, we offer the following activities:

  • creation of marketing strategies and preparation of marketing plans
  • processing the graphic designs
  • copywriting,
  • print production
  • targeted and non-targeted distribution
  • database management.


With the expanding possibilities of the internet we are witnessing the dynamical changes in the form of content as well as in the user's behavior on the internet. A growing number of visitors prefer multimedia content rather than the text. In line with this trend, we offer comprehensive services starting from a very creation and processing of the video through postproduction to actual completion and production in any format given; from video to your online project to professional DVD.

Within the multimedia content we offer the following activities:

  • creation of broadcast commercials,
  • video processing, editing, post-production
  • promotional clips and video presentation making in cooperation with professionals
  • DVD production and authoring
  • 2D and 3D animation.

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